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12 Cute Wedding First Dance Songs That Are Easy to Dance to!

Wedding first dance songs are one of the highlights of the reception as the dance floor is reserved for the newlyweds. After this dance, the father-daughter dance, followed by the mother-son dance, takes place. 

But the first dance song has special significance as it’s a way to express yourself as a couple and what your union means to you. Moreover, these are memories that will last a lifetime.

With that in mind, we created a list of the cutest love songs that are easy to choreograph so that your guests will be enchanted and delighted. Let’s begin!

Wedding couple dancing their wedding, ukliveentertainment

Best Wedding First Dance Songs for Cute & Romantic Dance Choreography

We have a list of indie, contemporary, and acoustic songs that are unique and easy to dance to. 

  1. Better Together - Us the Duo

Better Together is a lighthearted and cheerful track that beautifully depicts the importance of love and partnership. The song has an intimate layer with vocal harmonies of the musical duo, Michael and Carissa. 

The song has an acoustic composition and a medium tempo which can be fun and easy to dance to.  You can do a nightclub two-step with this song for a relaxed dance routine that’s refreshing. 

  1. Simply the Best - Noah Reid

The cover of Simply the Best by Noah Reid is from the show Schitt’s Creek. It has a minimalist instrumentation with just an acoustic guitar for backing up Noah’s raw and sincere vocal delivery.

A slow, closed-embraced dance with some basic ballroom steps and twirls will go wonderfully with this song. 

  1. Forever and Ever, Amen - Brent Morgan

Forever and Ever, Amen is a song full of promises to love someone for a lifetime and eternal commitment. The song features acoustic guitar and piano with a subtle percussion to add a rhythm. 

However, the vocals take centerstage, and Brent Morgan delivers a heartfelt performance in a warm tone. 

  1. Conversations in the Dark - John Legend

We all related to talking endlessly with our partners and sharing intimate details in vulnerable conversations. 

The song narrates this aspect of a partnership. It’s a celebration of the everyday and mundane parts of being together with a tender delivery from the most talented John Legend.

The song has a distinct R&B and Soul sound with elements of pop. There is a subtle addition of electronic elements along with the piano.

For your first dance,  take a look at the beautiful wedding dance choreography of this song. 

  1. Until I Found You - Stephen Sanchez

This first dance song with poignant lyrics has a 1950s-inspired sound. It has a unique melody with an indie, doo-wop, and rock and roll musical sound. 

Here, the narrator implies previous heartbreaks and resignation towards the absence of romance. Then,  the course of his life changed as soon as he found his partner. 

You can try the following slow and elegant dance routine to go with this song. All your guests will be awe-struck by this classy choreography

  1. Make You Mine - PUBLIC7

With a touch of indie pop charm, Make You Mine is a refreshingly upbeat track that promises undying love. It’s focused on the pursuit of love and the headiness of love. 

This song features acoustic and electric guitars, bass, and percussion. The instrumental backing is lively, and the vocal delivery is smooth and has a deep tone. 

  1. I Get to Love You - Ruelle

I Get to Love You is a simple song with a cinematic and orchestral composition, featuring piano, strings, and electronic additions. 

The vocals of Ruelle reflect deep affection and sincerity. As the narrator repeats over and over what a privilege it is to love the other person, the true meaning of this song is driven home. 

With the following slow dance choreography, you can make your first dance truly spectacular. 

  1. First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes has created a romantic masterpiece and a hidden gem with this song. 

The song has a beautiful meaning as the narrator describes how his life has truly begun from the moment he laid eyes on his partner for the first time. Seemingly, everything else that came before falls short in significance.

This remarkable feeling is conveyed through a simple acoustic instrumentation, giving this track a simple charm. With a live performance from a wedding band, this song will be even more perfect for your first dance. 

Wedding couple dancing, ukliveentertainment

  1. You and I - Ingrid Michaelson

You and I by Ingrid Michaelson is a song that feels whimsical and has a charming vibe that’s perfect for a cute first dance. Her voice is soft and emotive, making this song intimate and heartfelt.

With simple guitar strumming patterns and piano, its sound can be described as indie folk-pop. The lyrics are non-serious and funny even with lines like “Maybe I wanna do what bunnies do with you”. 

If you and your partner can pull off a silly and endearing performance, this is the song for you. 

  1. Forever Like That - Ben Rector

Rector is well-known for mixing folk, rock, and pop sounds to create catchy melodies for heartfelt love songs. Forever Like That is a sweet track with lots of romantic promises with flowery and beautiful lyrics. 

His vocals are rich and powerful with a clear and resonant temper that makes this song a really good choice for a romantic dance routine. You can look at this wonderful first dance video to draw inspiration for your choreography.

  1. Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend

Meghan Trainor is a phenomenal singer with a lot of memorable songs within a short discography. Like I’m Gonna Lose You is her most romantic and heartfelt love song. It’s a song about not taking the other for granted and the fear of losing one’s significant other. 

With lyrics like “Ain’t no promise tomorrow”, this theme is pointed at consistently throughout the song. It’s a vulnerable song with powerful emotions perfect for a slow dance. You can check out the choreography for inspiration. 

  1. How Long Will I Love You -  Ellie Goulding

A song that’s a promise of eternal love and commitment, How Long Will I Love You has a beautiful melody with an acoustic backing. The song has a tender feel to it, with sweet lyrics about love and dedication that will last a lifetime and more. 

With minimal instrumentation and heartfelt delivery, you can do an intimate dance choreography to this song. Try a romantic waltz like the one in this video. 


Final Words

When it comes to picking wedding's first dance songs, you should go for a song that has some personal meaning to you. Both you and your partner should love the song and be comfortable dancing to it in your big moment. 

One of the best ways to make this moment more impactful is to have a live wedding band performing. Performers set the atmosphere and mood way better than going with a DJ. UK Live Entertainment will help you find the best wedding musicians.