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How To Pay

Contracts & Payments


Once you have agreed to hire an Artist from us, we will issue a contract to formalise the verbal agreement and to confirm all of the details.

The contract is a legally binding document and commits both you the Hirer, and the Artist/s, to the verbal agreement already made.

The contract clarifies the details of the agreement, all of the arrangements, and the Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs.)

You can view our Ts & Cs now by clicking here: Terms & Conditions Page

Should you have any questions regarding our Ts & Cs, or our contract, or the booking processes, please let us know, we will be very happy to answer them for you.


Deposits & Balance Payments


To confirm your booking we will require you to pay a non-refundable deposit.

Balances usually fall due for payment 21-days prior to the contracted performance date, or as otherwise agreed at the time of the booking.

We will agree on a date for payment of the balance of the fee with you at the time of the booking, and we will issue a balance invoice at the appropriate time.


Payment Methods


Bank Transfers & Cheques

Payment can be made directly to our bank account by internet bank transfer, or you can pay by cheque.

Credit or Debit Cards

We do not currently accept cards.



Safety of Your Money



The safety of your money is of paramount importance to us.

Live Arts Entertainment Ltd acts primarily as an Entertainment Agency, any money received from you for artist fees will be held in our ‘Client’ bank account. This means that your money is safe and will only be passed on to the Artist/s after the performance has been completed unless otherwise agreed upon.

We usually pay Artist/s the first day after the performance date upon confirmation from the Artist/s that the engagement has been completed.