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Standard Contract Terms - Hirer and Artist


Standard Entertainment Booking Agreement


01. This written contract reflects the legally binding verbal contract that was made between the ‘The Hirer’ and ‘The Artiste’s, otherwise referred to as ‘The Principals’ on the agreement date shown overleaf.  Please sign and return this contract within 14 days of the agreement date. If you do not sign and return this contract within 14 days of the agreement date and Live Arts Entertainment Ltd receive no written objection by way of recorded delivery within 14 days of the agreement date, this contract is still legally binding. Non-signature of this contract is not sufficient to cancel this contract.

02. This contract can only be cancelled with the consent of both parties. Cancellation by ‘The Hirer’ must be made in writing. E-mail is sufficient but must be acknowledged by us to confirm receipt. In the event of cancellation of this contract by ‘The Hirer’, the following scale of fees will apply:

a) Cancellation by  ‘The Hirer’ after 7 days and up to 90 days from the event will result in deposit forfeit.
b)  Cancellation by ‘The Hirer’ within 90 days and up to 61 days of the event will result in a deposit forfeit and 50% of the remaining contract balance will become immediately payable by ‘The  Hirer’ to ‘The Artist/s’.
c)  Cancellation by ‘The Hirer’ within 60 days and up to 31 days of the event will result in a deposit forfeit and 75% of the remaining contract fee balance will become immediately payable by ‘The Hirer’ to ‘The Artist/s’.
d) Cancellation by ‘The Hirer’ within 30 days of the event will result in a deposit forfeit and 100% of the remaining contract balance will become immediately payable by ‘The Hirer’ to ‘The Artist/s’.

03. Any rider referred to in this contract shall form an integral part of this contract and shall be adhered to in every way.

04. This contract is made between the two ‘principles’, ‘The Hirer’ on one part and ‘The Artist/s’ on the other part. Live Arts Entertainment Ltd acts as an Employment Agency in this transaction and arenot a part of this contract. We will hold copies of the signed contracts from both principles in case of dispute, which will be made available to either party upon request. It is the responsibility of the principles to ensure that they sign and return their respective contract copies, Live Arts Entertainment Ltd cannot be held responsible if either party does not comply with this request.

05. Live Arts Entertainment Ltd will not be held responsible for any non-fulfilment of this contract although every safeguard is assured.

06. In the case of inability of ‘The Artist/s’ to appear, ‘The Artist/s’ must notify Live Arts Entertainment Ltd and ‘The Hirer’/ Venue (management) immediately. In the case of illness, ‘The Artist/s’ must produce (upon request) to Live Arts Entertainment Ltd, a medical certificate within 4 working days of the engagement date. 

07. ’The Artist/s’ fee is inclusive of all expenses unless otherwise stated.

08. A non-refundable deposit of 20% of ‘The Artiste’s’ total fee (+ VAT) will be due for payment upon ‘The Hirer’ signing the contract.

‘The Hirer’ and ’The Artist/s’ agree to provide a safe working environment for each other and will ensure that where electrical equipment is used, relevant Portable Appliance testing certificates are in place, and kept up to date – It is the duty of both principles to ensure this is done.

Minimum £5 Million Public Liability Insurance must be in place by both principles. 
NOTE: All British Actors Equity and Musicians Union(fully paid up) members are covered by their unions Public Liability Insurance policies.

 11. OTHER INSURANCES– ‘The Artist/s’ accepts responsibility for providing and paying for, at their own expense other insurances as they deem necessary to provide personal indemnity against loss or damage to their own personal belongings and or equipment whilst on or about ‘The Hirer’/performance premises, and to take out adequate insurance against any other circumstances or occurrences they may deem necessary. Neither Live Arts Entertainment Ltd nor ‘The Hirer’ shall be held responsible for loss or damage to any equipment, props, costumes or any other items whatsoever, including vehicles and their contents.

12. It is agreed and understood by both ‘The Artist/s’ and ‘The Hirer’ that any future engagement/s of ‘The Artist/s’ which arise either directly or indirectly from this/these engagement/s    within 24 months of the engagement/s date/s will be rebooked through Live Arts Entertainment Ltd and a like commission shall be paid by ‘The Artist/s’ to Live Arts Entertainment Ltd plus VAT at the prevailing rate.

13. It is agreed that in the event of this contract being cancelled by either or both of the principles, the above clause 12 shall still apply.

14. It is agreed that commission/s due from ‘The Artist/s’ to Live Arts Entertainment Ltd shall be paid within 10 days of ‘The Artist/s’ receipt of the performance fee. 

15. It is further agreed that where Live Arts Entertainment Ltd are collecting ‘The Artist/s’ fee/s from ‘The Hirer’ in advance of the performance date, the fee/s will held in escrow in the agencies ‘client’ bank account until after the performance date, and will be paid to ‘The Artiste’s’ the first working day following the performance date upon confirmation from ‘The Artiste’s’ that the performance was completed, less any commission (and VAT on commission) due thereon and any other outstanding commission due to the agency by The Artist/s

On occasions where fees are being collected by the agency on behalf of ‘The Artist/s’ retrospectively to the performance date, the fee/s will be paid to ’The Artist/s’ the first working day after cleared funds are received from ‘The Hirer’, less any commission (and VAT on commission) due thereon, and any other outstanding commission due to the agency by ‘The Artist/s’.

16. It is understood that for the purpose of this contract ‘The Artist/s’ is classed as ‘self-employed’. ‘The Artist/s’ or authorised signatory on behalf of ‘The Artist/s’ hereby agree to declare any fees for engagements to HM Inspector of Taxes. Furthermore ‘The Artist/s’ accepts responsibility for any National Insurance contributions and declarations to HM Customs & Excise for any VAT liability.

17.‘The Artist/s’ is barred from performing at any other venue within a 10 (Ten) mile radius of the performance venue detailed overleaf, for a time period of six weeks prior and two weeks after the engagement/s date/s unless otherwise authorised in writing by Live Arts Entertainment Ltd.

18.‘The Artist/s’ will provide professional publicity when returning this contract.

19.‘The Hirer’ will ensure that the performance venue supplies adequate dressing room facilities, a safe performance area and suitable safe electricity supply for ‘The Artist/s’ use.

20. FORCE MAJEURE– No fee shall be paid for days upon which ‘The Artist/s’ are unable to perform by reason of any cause beyond ‘The Hirer’s’ control such as National Mourning, War, Fire, Strikes or Lock-Outs in the district directly affecting the venue, or the ordering of the licensing or any other Public Authority having jurisdiction. In any such event, notice to ‘The Artist/s’ must be given immediately; failing which reasonable expenses must be paid to ‘The Artist/s.