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Is Having Singers Perform Live At Your Wedding Worth It?

Live music is the most popular choice for wedding entertainment, and for good reason. Hiring singers and bands who specialise in your favourite genre will create an amazing atmosphere at your wedding. Musicians add a personal touch that anyone can enjoy whether or not they want to dance or just listen.

Also, a great performer will involve your guests and make them sing along. DJing doesn’t have the same charisma. So, definitely, there are a lot of good reasons to go for live music at your wedding. 

However, bands typically cost more and will take up more space to set up their instruments and perform. But that’s all worth it, and here’s why you should hire live performers for your wedding.

Singers To Perform Live At Your Wedding

Should You Hire Singers To Perform Live At Your Wedding? Here’s Why It’s A Good Idea

Nothing beats the power of live music. Let’s take a look at why that’s true for wedding entertainment as well.

  1. Everyone Enjoys Live Music

Watching someone sing offers more emotion as you see their changing expressions and reactions, along with the inflexions in their voice. It’s a more wholesome experience, and guests enjoy it more than having a DJ play the latest hits or a roster of common wedding songs.

In fact, listening to a different singer have a take on your favourite song is quite interesting and thrilling. Every singer has quirks and unique styles that make them special, so your guests will have more to take in and enjoy.

  1. Singers Engage The Audience Better

When singers or bands are performing, they are very good at reading the room. They can either banter with the audience, ask for song requests, or even change up the upcoming song to one that fits the crowd’s mood better.

These things are natural for performers and create a very interactive experience by engaging guests deeply. 

Moreover, watching band members interact with each other and playing off each other’s energy is also fun, something entirely missing when it comes to playing pre-recorded music.

  1. Offer More Flexibility

There are bound to be some slight hiccups at any wedding ceremony, or the room may not be reacting to the pre-decided song list as you hoped. 

Bands are more adaptable to challenges. They can pause, pick up where they left off, or start a different song entirely without much technical difficulties.

Bands can also be flexible in terms of the music you would like to play for the night. 

If you have established the ground rules and communicated with them what you want and don’t want, you can expect musicians to cater to your specific needs.

  1. Has A Personal Touch

Each singer or band has some trademark, a personal style, and a way of delivery that adds a personal touch. 

Maybe you can have the band change up the lyrics for one or two of the wedding songs to personalise your situation and tell your love story.

It can be a fun way to engage your audience as they will be taken aback by the changes in lyrics. It’s also a sweet gesture that gives a special nod to your journey so far as a couple. Your guests will love it.

  1. Feels More Grandiose 

Live music is definitely more grand and luxurious and it elevates the appearance of the reception when the instruments are arranged in the best possible location.

Bands usually dress sharply for a wedding and look so elegant, creating a remarkable atmosphere. You have to admit, the same isn’t the case when it comes to setting up the gear for DJs. 

  1. Creates A Unique Experience

Your guests will likely have a memorable time dancing to the music performed by a live band. Every performer is different and it creates a unique and fun experience. 

Live music has the potential to engage guests like no other and with that, a unique experience is created that may create some of the best memories at your wedding. 

Think of having your first dance to your favourite song with your partner sung live for the two of you. Live music feels more precious and special.

Right Singers or Bands for Weddings

How to Choose The Right Singers or Bands for Weddings

Your special day becomes a lot more special with the right entertainment and there’s nothing better than live music for a wedding celebration. But it’s not that easy to book the right band or singer. We are here to help you with that.

  1. Pick Your Favourite Genre

You most likely have a genre of music that you’re most drawn to, whether it’s rock, pop, indie, country, jazz, or anything else under the sun. 

Pick out musicians and bands that specialise in your genre of choice. Genre bands are a great choice for those who know what they want.

  1. Consider Hiring A Tribute Singer or Band

Tribute artists are becoming popular entertainment for weddings not only because they are a spectacle but also because of the nostalgia they can summon. 

If you have a favourite artist or band that you absolutely love and want to share that love with your guests, this is a perfect way to do it.

  1. Check Out Their Reviews or Look For Referrals

It’s always best to look for reviews of the band you are interested in, or you can ask your married friends which bands they had at their wedding. That way, you’ll have a list of eligible candidates to choose from.

  1. Assess Your Budget

Budgeting is the bane of organising a wedding, and entertainment is no different. Consider your budget for hiring a singer or band and stick to it. That way, you can eliminate incompatible bands or artists from your list.

  1. Have A Conversation About The Songs They Can Play

It’s time to communicate your personal needs and see if the options you selected fit the bill. If they can perform all your favourite songs in mind and customise their performance to make your special day perfect, then they’re likely the right choice.

  1. Consider An Early Booking

You can get discounts on early booking as well as be sure that you have a performer locked down for your wedding. 

You may need to book popular bands as early as six months prior to the wedding date. That’s because good bands have a packed schedule and you want to get your spot early.

  1. Provide A Song List

After booking, come up with a playlist and share the list with the band. If you’re clear about what you want, you’ll get the best service possible. So, give some thought to the music you want played and communicate those ideas.



Having singers perform live is worth it if you want a grand, personalised and highly engaging experience for your guests.

They perform for a long time and only take well-timed breaks, so your guests will be entertained for most of the wedding duration. Yes, it’s costlier than hiring a DJ, but overall the experience is much better.

You can also hire tribute bands or artists for your special night. Consider hiring George Michael Tribute Act if you’re a fan. UK Live Entertainment has plenty of live music acts for you to choose from for your big day.