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Should You Hire A Celebrity Look-Alike For A Graduate Party?

It’s time to host a graduation party and celebrate the people who went through so much hassle to get the tassel. You’ve listed the food menu to serve, decorations, guest list, gifts, and more. But what about entertainment? 

You can’t go through an epic graduation bash without planning the entertainment meticulously. Hiring a celebrity look-alike or impersonator tribute artist can create the best experience for the graduate as well as friends and family. 

But you have to accompany that with the right theme, photo-ops, and entertainment acts from the look-alike to maximize the fun and have your guests talking about the event for a long time.

Why Get A Celebrity Look-Alike or Impersonators For A Graduate Party?

Talented celebrity look-alikes and impersonators can create an immersive environment for your guests. Let’s look at why you should consider setting a theme around celebrity impersonators. 

  1. The Graduate is A Big Fan of a Celebrity

Obviously, the chief guest of the graduation party you’re planning is the graduate themself. If they want to see a celebrity really bad, it could be an amazing surprise to have their look-alikes at the party.

  1. Tribute Artists can be a Part of a Larger Theme

Having an 80s Hollywood theme or music-themed party with impersonators and tribute bands along with appropriate decoration and throwback pieces, can create a great atmosphere. 

Your guests will have the night of their lives and incredible pictures and memories to share about the party on social media. 

  1. Tribute Artists and Impersonators are Incredibly Talented

These people put a lot of hours into talking, walking, and obviously looking like the person they’re impersonating. Tribute artists have musical and dancing talent and know how to put on a show. 

If you hire the right person, you can surely scream at the top of your lungs with the tribute bands.


How to Choose the Right Celebrity Impersonators or Tribute Artists

You can’t just hire any celebrity impersonator or tribute artist. There needs to be some thought put into it and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to consider.

  1. The Graduate's Special Preference

If your graduate is someone really into Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour or any other contemporary artist, you can centre a theme around that. 

After all the hard work the graduate does deserve a special treat. One they’ll remember for a lifetime.

  1. Consider The Party Theme You Want

Your overall party theme must be considered before you make the decision to choose a celebrity lookalike. 

If you want a vintage party with an ode to the past, think of artists that stood the test of time like ABBA, Beatles, Queens, etc.

Famous actresses with signature looks are also a possible choice. Marlyn Monroe or Barbara Streisand can be big crowd pleasers with their iconic fashion and famous way of talking. 

  1. Inspiration From Current Trends

You can also choose an artist who is on hype right now. Barbie has been a big thing this year culturally. 

Having a Margot Robbie look-alike styled in Barbie costumes can really be an amazing idea. 

Maybe you could have a Ken mannequin as a photo op as well to make the theme come more alive.

  1. Artists With Universal Appeal are the Best

As hard as it is to find a single artist or band who fits the taste of just about everyone, there are timeless artists like Adele, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, and Amy Winehouse who put a smile on everyone’s face and a spring in their steps.

You can take a look at these timeless Tribute Acts that are huge crowd-pleasers at all kinds of parties. You can’t go wrong with them.


Other Graduation Party Entertainment Ideas You Can Consider 

If you’re still not sure about whether you want to hire a celebrity look-alike for the upcoming graduation party, that’s absolutely fine. There are plenty of other entertainment options to choose from.

Anyone of the following will make your party a smash hit:

  1. Hire a Comedian

Comedy acts at parties are gaining popularity. They fit right in with corporate events, birthday parties, family reunions and of course graduation parties.

What better to celebrate a night dedicated to the future and its million possibilities than with incredible laughter and gags?

  1. Magicians & Illusionists

No one is too old to be charmed by some clever magic tricks by suave magicians. Your guests will have their minds blown and if conducted right, all of them will be engaged and have fun. 

From children to the more senior members of your family, everyone can enjoy a magic show with the same enthusiasm. 

You don’t have to worry about generational differences in terms of whether everyone will find the entertainment tasteful.

  1. Photo Booth With Props

The charm of a photo booth hits differently even with the advent of technology and camera apps on every phone. 

Having a photo booth will allow friends, couples, and family members to capture memories in a way that’s nostalgic to them.

  1. Karaoke Contest

A karaoke contest can be a lot of fun, especially if you have musically talented individuals in your family with a mix of musically abysmal ones. 

Having gifts and prizes for the most entertaining performers of the night can make the karaoke session even more fun. 

  1. Making A Customised Video Montage

This can be a personal way to keep the audience engaged for a short while. 

Having family members and friends record messages for the graduate and their future, and editing them into a fine video can be a lot of fun. 

Be ready to pass the tissue to lots of folks as this can turn out to be an emotional experience as well.

  1. Get A DJ or Live Music

Getting a DJ can be less hassle and still be enjoyable for everyone. If you can get everyone on the dance floor then the party will surely be a success. Getting live music is also an option with a customised song list that the guests will love. 


Graduation parties are truly special. Years of hard work build up to these special moments. It’s one last time all of your family and friends will be under the same roof before the fresh graduate jets off to college. 

Tribute acts with the right theme and decoration can create an atmosphere of magic and euphoria. It can make your upcoming graduation party like no other. 

And if you’re looking for one, UK Live Entertainment has an extensive list of Tribute Acts with many iconic artists. 

By considering the tastes of the graduates, the demographic of your party, trends in pop culture, and the crowd appeal of each celebrity look-alike, you can hire the right entertainer.