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10 Unique Party Themes for Adults Birthday Party That Are Fun

Celebrating birthdays with your friends and family becomes more special with unique party themes for adults. 

But you’ll need to know your audience before choosing a theme. Moreover, consider the resources and effort that will go into each theme. Some are easier to put together than others, so the right fit for you depends on how big you want to go. 

With that in mind, we’ve come up with themes centered around different activities that adults will enjoy. Let’s explore some fantastic birthday party themes, including a movie night theme, retro arcade party, tropical soiree, and more. 

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Unique Party Themes for Adults That Are Perfect for a Birthday Bash

Here are 10 party themes that are fit for hosting and planning a birthday party that will be one to remember. 

1. Outdoor Movie Screening

If you would like something relaxed and low-key, an outdoor movie screening can be a fun and casual party idea. You can arrange a white screen to project the movie or use a white wall. Doing the setup in your pool area can be a fun twist if you don’t have too many guests. 

You can inflate some floaties for your guests to relax in and provide plenty of seating options with cushions, bean bags, and blankets. Make it more festive with fairy lights and other outdoor lighting options. 

You will also need comfort snacks for such a cosy party. Consider popcorn stands, nachos, hot dogs, and movie theatre candy. 

2. Retro Arcade Party

If your friends are old enough to remember the wonderful place that an 80s arcade was, you can recreate the setup for a nostalgic retro party. 

Rent classic arcade machines like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Pinball. Decorate with neon lights, glow sticks, and posters of popular 80s movies and bands. 

Set up a photo booth with retro props like oversized sunglasses and boomboxes. To bring the party home, you need a killer 80s retro song playlist. 

You can also host a small competition to add to the excitement, where the person with the highest scores takes a prize home. 

3. Game Show Night

Select the games you want to include to arrange for a game show night. Popular options include trivia, Family Feud, and Minute to Win It. 

You need to prepare questions, props, and materials for each game. Writing the material will be easy if you are indeed a fan of game shows and have a creative bone. You want to get buzzers for your contestants, whiteboards, and markers to note down marks. 

Assigning teams may be a good idea to ensure a balanced mix of knowledge and skills. But the most important role is the host's. You can hire an Emcee or do it yourself if you’re confident you can keep everyone engaged. 

4. Great Gatsby Party

A jazz band is needed to set the right mood for a 1920s throwback party with a Great Gatsby theme. 

Get gold and black streamers, feathers, string lights, beaded curtains, and drapes to decorate for the party. Create a speakeasy atmosphere with dim lighting and elegant table settings. Go all out and rent some chandeliers and candelabras to bring your theme to life.

Serve classic cocktails like martinis and gin fizzes, along with hors d'oeuvres such as shrimp cocktails, deviled eggs, and canapés. For mains, fancy dishes like Roast Beef Tenderloin, Lobster Thermidor, Duck à l'Orange, Coq au Vin, Stuffed Pork Loin, or Mushroom Wellington can be great options. 

5. Escape Room Party

For a party with your friends or family, you should consider whether they like mysteries and activities before setting it as the theme. After all, knowing your guests is the first step to a successful party. 

To make the arrangements easier, consider renting an escape room venue that offers catering options, private event spaces, and additional entertainment like a live music setup. 

You should be able to access multiple escape room games to entertain your guests. 

6. Son of Sam Murder Mystery Party

This party theme is inspired by the popular show starring Steve Martin, “Only Murders In The Building”. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll recognize the “Son of Sam” mystery game, which is inspired by a serial killer. 

If your guests are into dark stuff and so are you, host a thrilling murder mystery dinner set in the gritty atmosphere of 1970s New York. Decorate with dark colours, vintage posters, and dim lighting. Assign guest characters to play, complete with backstories. 

Serve a dinner with hearty dishes like steak, mashed potatoes, and classic New York cheesecake. Offer themed cocktails like "Blood Red Martini" and "Detective's Bourbon." 

7. Vintage Carnival

For a light-hearted, fun party that reminds everyone of the good old days of their childhood, a carnival theme is a great idea. 

You can set up classic carnival games quite easily, like the ring toss, balloon darts, whack-a-mole, penny pitch, etc. You can set up decorative striped tents for a tarot card reading session, face painting, or crafts. 

Classic carnival food like corn dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, refreshing lemonade, and snow cones are a must. You can hire a juggler or magician to perform and set up a small stage for live music or a talent show.

8. Arabian Nights

If you love decorating and are comfortable with elaborate and fancy parties, hosting an Arabian Nights party is perfect for you.

Decorate with rich fabrics, lanterns, and cushions for seating. Get your hands on intricate ornate rugs and throw pillows in deep purples, reds, and blues. Add golden accents through decorative pieces like vases, decorative lanterns, and more. Set up low tables with intricate tablecloths. 

Serve Middle Eastern dishes like falafel, hummus, kebabs, and baklava. Offer exotic drinks like mint tea and pomegranate cocktails. Consider hiring a henna artist to delight your guests. Play traditional Middle Eastern music and burn incense to enhance the ambience.

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9. Comedy Night

A party with a comic act as the centre of attention is a great idea if you want something relaxed and your guests are good sports. It’s better to hire a professional comedian as the entertainer for the night, although you may reserve a time slot for an open mic.  

To make it more real, set up a small stage with a microphone and spotlight. Decorate with comedy-themed posters and neon signs and arrange seating cabaret-style with small tables and chairs to give the place a comedy club vibe. 

When it comes to food, serve bar snacks like nachos, wings, and sliders, along with various drinks to keep everyone happy. 

10. Tropical Soiree

If you want to enjoy the peak of summer and have an amazing birthday bash, a tropical soiree is the way to go. Decorate in tropical-themed colours like turquoise or aquamarine, vibrant yellow, orange, and purple. 

Tropical plants and floral arrangements or DIY flowers with beachy decor like seashells, sand, and driftwood are elements you can add to the decor. Don’t forget tiki torches. 

You’ll need a cocktail bar featuring a themed menu serving piña coladas, mojitos, and mai tais. For entertainment, play a mix of reggae, calypso, and island music, or have a live acoustic band. 

Final Words

A memorable birthday party starts with unique party themes for adults that you can work with. 

From the laid-back vibe of an outdoor movie screening to the glamorous Great Gatsby extravaganza, we tried appealing to various tastes and preferences. So, you can pick a theme that best suits your guests and tastes. 

Whether you're aiming for nostalgia with a retro arcade party or the exotic ambience of an Arabian Nights celebration, you need live music for entertainment. Consider hiring a tribute act, especially if you want a retro party.