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Love Songs That Will Make Everyone Dancing at Your Wedding in 2024

Weddings call for dancing to love songs and having fun with friends and family. If you want your guests to have an amazing time at the reception, pay close attention to the playlist. 

Having songs your guests will recognise immediately and combining classics with modern music is a sure way to get everyone engaged.

You can hire a wedding band for the reception and have a conversation about the songs they’ll be able to play from your choices. That way, you control the playlist while also enjoying live music, which is always more engaging for guests.

We have a list of killer songs that you must have on your wedding playlist to get everyone on the dance floor.


12 Love Songs That Will Bring Your Guests to The Dance Floor

A good mix of classic songs with modern is a sure way to avoid wedding music mistakes. Here’s a list of the sweetest love songs for your wedding reception.

  1. ‘Everlasting Love’ By Love Affair (Released: 1968)

‘Everlasting Love’ is a song about love’s resilience and how true love blossoms into a companionship of a lifetime. The music is very upbeat and will bring everyone out of their seats and onto the floor, dancing with their partners.

As a pop-rock released in the 1960s, this song became an instant hit and a classic. There are numerous covers from various artists that you can also listen to if you want a more modern sound.

  1. ‘I’m Yours’ By Jason Mraz (Released: 2008)

It is a feel-good song with a catchy tune that will have your guests humming this song for the next few days. The song is very light on the instruments, and Jason Mraz has a refreshing and soothing voice that makes your heart happy. 

If you’re all about expressing your love without any games and believe in the utmost transparency when it comes to feelings, you will find a deeper meaning in this song. 

  1. ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ By Elvis Presley (Released: 1961) 

If you have a taste for classical music, this one is a must-play on your wedding night. This song is about the inevitability of love when the object of your love is as per your heart’s desire. 

Anyone who has ever been in love knows how out of control it gets when you catch feelings. You can play the Frank Sinatra version if you would like to play vintage music, but the cover, sung by Haley Reinhart, sounds magical as well.

  1. ‘Wonderful Tonight’ By Eric Clapton (Released: 1977)

This one is perfect for the newlyweds at the wedding reception as the bride will most definitely look wonderful on the wedding night and the groom will absolutely feel wonderful. 

This is one of Eric Clapton’s classic songs. He is one of the most soulful musicians with amazing control over his voice. Couples will enjoy slow dancing to this song, as it’s perfect to play when the party is winding down a bit.

  1. ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ By Frankie Valli (Released: 1967)

Another upbeat classic that everyone has likely heard is ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’. 

With so many versions of this song that were released at different times, people of every age have heard this song for sure. People enjoy singing along and dancing to familiar songs. 

This classic track is about desire and love. If you feel like your relationship is fueled by passion, then this song will be very relatable and perfect for your wedding reception.

  1. ‘Thinking Out Loud’ By Ed Sheeran (Released: 2014)

Ed Sheeran is one of the most talented musicians of modern times. With so many romantic songs on his discography, you can’t possibly have a wedding without playing one or two Ed Sheeran songs.

Thinking out loud proved Ed’s knack for heart-touching songwriting with timeless melody. It’s a song about how the narrator will keep loving their partner even when they’re old, and their passion will still be strong. 

The most beautiful part is that the narrator accepts that the fame won’t last, the musical talent will fade, but the love will remain. 

  1. ‘Marry Me’ By Train (Released: 2009)

Marry Me is a great love song that speaks of eternal love and getting to spend all your days with your partner. When love enters one's life, the whole trajectory of one's future can change as we try to construct a life together.

This song is in the folk-pop genre, and the instruments played are pretty simple. The lyrics are very sweet, and your guests will definitely like slow dancing to them.


  1. ‘Until I Found You’ By Stephen Sanchez (Released: 2023)

This song is a recent hit that everyone has heard. If you found the love of your life after some heartbreak and they changed your life for the better, this song is for you. 

Sometimes, we go through horrible experiences and come out on the other side thinking never again, but then we meet someone incredible who has us taking a leap of faith once more. 

  1. ‘Kiss Me’ By Six Pence None The Richer (Released: 1999)

Another classic to play at your wedding is ‘Kiss Me’. It’s an upbeat track that’s easy to dance to. Your guests will have a blast listening to it. 

This song does feel like it’s dedicated to young love, and it’s mostly a celebration of one’s first time falling in love. It’ll hit you with nostalgia with the beautiful lyrics.

  1. ‘Budapest’ By George Ezra (Released: 2013)

George Ezra has a deep, low voice that’s one of the most recognizable in the music industry. ‘Budapest’ is his greatest hit, and for good reason. 

In this song, the narrator lists his very impressive possessions and promises to give them all away for the one he loves. He is ready to uproot his life and run with his lover. 

It’s a catchy song with a remarkable melody that will buzz in your mind for days. The music is beautiful, with a fast tempo of about 128 Beats Per Minute.

  1. ‘I’ll Always Remember Us This Way’ By Lady Gaga (Released: 2018)

Lady Gaga is a musical powerhouse and deserves all the praise she got for her songs in the movie ‘A Star Is Born,’ including this song. 

The beautiful lyrics highlight the best part of the narrator’s relationship with their partner. When everything ends, that’s the version the narrator will remember, the beauty of their love.

  1. ‘Just The Way You Are’ By Bruno Mars (Released: 2010)

Bruno Mars has written and sung some of the most incredibly romantic songs. ‘Just The Way You Are’ is all about praising and complementing the physical beauty of the narrator’s partner.  

There is nothing more enjoyable than having a partner who showers you with a song of praise. This song is perfect for a wedding reception. 



Narrowing down love songs to play at your wedding can be quite hectic as there are so many options. 

Music is such an important part of the wedding, and all the songs need to be selected for the first dance, walking the aisle, father-daughter dance, introduction of the wedding party, etc.

However, nothing beats the enjoyment of live music. You can check out UK Live Entertainment to hire talented bands like the Take That Tribute Band. These performers are incredibly talented and know how to put up a show.